Apeach Mermaid Tail

Apeach Mermaid Tail

$30.00 USD

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Carbon Monofin ($700.00 USD)
Tiun Monofin ($65.00 USD)


Apeach Mermaid Tail is one of our best-selling Limited Edition Mermaid Tails thanks to a show-stopping color combination and a shiny texture that transforms this swimmable mermaid tail into one of the most realistic fabric tails on the market! You’ll sparkle and shine like a real mermaid in this beautiful, trendy ombre design that is reminiscent of both crystal pink peaches and exotic tropical flowers. Make a statement in this Apeach Limited Edition Mermaid Tail that’s feminine, bright, and anything but boring!

Want to look like a real mermaid exploring the ocean waters? You must try a Limited Edition Mermaid Tail from Merman Tiun! Our Limited Edition fabric is custom-created for our collection of unique and colorful designs that look like genuine mermaid scales when wet. You’ll love the magical appearance of the textured sheen that develops under the water.

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