Rosa Mermaid Tail

Rosa Mermaid Tail


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Monofin for Swimming (600,000Đ)
Monofin for Diving (800,000Đ)


Looking for a “showy” tail you can glide through the water in? Inspired by the distinct Rosa mermaid originating from the Far East, this Limited Edition mermaid tail magnifies the brightest colors found on the fragrant flower known to symbolize pride and prosperity. This design is bordered by its purple fins reaching down from the sides. The fluke comes alive in a burst of green and hot purple hues outlined by pink rays.

You’ll sense the excitement of those around you when you appear wearing this exotic mermaid tail! As part of TIUN’s Limited Edition collection, this tail features an extra layer of shiny dots that glistens in the sun and water! Made of high-quality, stretchy swimsuit fabric, our mermaid tail is made to last and also resistant to fading caused by chlorine and saltwater.

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