Newton Merman Tail

Newton Merman Tail


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Monofin for Swimming (600,000Đ)
Monofin for Diving (800,000Đ)


Go mermaiding in the magnificent colors of our Limited Edition mermaid tail, deep blue sea! You’ll summon the look of an ocean creature with the natural-looking scales of blue — reminiscent of the whales. See what materializes when you wear this swimmable merman tail of enchanting colors to your next merman meetup! A sparkling layer of glitter upon this mesmerizing tail skin evokes the dreamlike qualities of a mystical merman and it’s available in sizes for kids and adults.

Do you love premium-quality products? If you’re flipping your fin in agreement, you’ll love TIUN’s sea-lection of designs sure to awaken your inner merman. Our Limited Edition collection features top-of-the-line fabric, reinforced tail tips, unique designs, and a layer of shimmery detail that’s exclusive to our brand. If you’re looking for an unforgettable mermaiding experience, don’t shop anywhere but TIUN for merman tails!

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