Monokini Frida Tortoise

Monokini Frida Tortoise


Điền vào size riêng của bạn:

Áo Ngực Người Cá (50,000Đ)
Lót Ngực Tiên Cá (100,000Đ)


· Fabric : Polyester 76% / Polyurethane 24%
· Color : SKY BLUE
· Cuts & Fits

1.Do not wash it with other clothes. Rinse it thoroughly with clean water and squeeze it gently and then dry it in the shadow.
2.Do not put it in the washing machine or spin-dryer.
3.Avoid the slide or repeated friction as swimwear fabric is weak at friction.
4.Do not wash it with hot water or iron it.
5.Do not use chlorine or oxygen bleaches.
6.Keep oil (Suntan oil) from touching the swimwear.
7.Do not store it with other clothes when it is wet as it may be bleached and pollute other clothes.
8.When it is wet and enclosed, do not store it in the hot place (car trunk) for a long time.

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