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Let's be Mermen

MERMANING BY THE SEA SCHOOL HOLIDAY This is the ultimate experience for all ocean loving kids, 7-14. We’ll spend the whole day (8:30am-3pm) at the ocean, learning about the ocean. It includes merman yoga, learning about endangered ocean species, creating ocean bracelets, mermaning in the beautiful ocean pool and action for the ocean. Only 10 Merfolk per Workshop. Sign up ($130-$150). MERMAN BIRTHDAY PARTY A birthday celebration is the perfect time to make your little merman’s dreams come true. Why not throw a ‘merforgettable’ merman birthday party at your own swimming pool ar at the state of the art private pool in Saigon’s Lan Anh village? Let us make the special day active, fun and easy on you! MERMAN FITNESS FOR ADULTS The famous merman fitness class will get your body moving and heart racing in more ways than one. After a good stretch and a few breathing exercises, we elegantly slide into the sea to get your body moving and your endorphins flowing. It’s time to release your inner m